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Why Video Integrated Marketing?

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With the growing importance of video in the online and digital space, Oswald Marketing created Video Integrated Marketing, or VIM, to help businesses maximize their marketing dollars by combining engaging video with a strong digital strategy.

The Right Video

With our team of experienced and talented creative professionals, we have discovered that certain types of video do better on certain platforms. The right video needs to fit within your business personality yet be inspiring enough to get your audience to act – that’s what we do!

The Right Platform

There are a lot of ways to reach your audience in the digital space including social media, pre-roll ads, over-the-top TV, and so many more options. With our expertise, we will create a video marketing strategy that places your videos on the right platform at the right time.

The Right Audience

Our clients have unique, but definable target audiences. We pinpoint your target audience by demographics and buying habits, then maximize your budget to make sure your video marketing campaign is specific and effective.

Just Right for You

VIM is an easy to understand set of marketing/advertising options that is a perfect solution for many small businesses. VIM might not be for every business or organization. So, part of our process is meeting and discovering your organization's story so we can create the best strategy that works – for you.

track your video marketing

Part of a successful VIM campaign is tracking what works and what doesn’t.  To maximize your campaign, we need to pivot when necessary and double down on strategies and tactics that are working. 

Packages Starting at $1450

Affordable Monthly Cost

By utilizing digital and social, we are able to make VIM a cost effective way to reach a large audience.

Multiple Packages

With each business being different, we offer multiple packages that can help boost your reach and engagement.

Results Driven

VIM is all about getting a return on your investment. Combining video and digital can achieve that.

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